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Lights Out WebGL Implementation


Two years ago I started this blog in hopes of writing about Computer Science and my side projects often. Unfortuantely, I abandoned it as soon as I got my first job and life sort of got in the way. I am now more than willing to revive it and this time I intend to stick with it. I am starting simple by re-implementing a simple game I've made two years ago but this time in WebGL instead of html/css/javascript. The game is lights out. You can find the previous article here (although the links in that one do not work).

What changed

I will keep this brief since you can read the previous article to get the gist of the game and also I link an article that explains how to implement an effecient solution. I changed two things from my previous implementation:

  • The game is now written in WebGL
  • The solver is now an effecient solver that can solve for arbitrary N in reasonable time

The previous solver was a brute force solver than ran in exponential time, which was obviously dreadful but I did it because I could not come up with the effecient solution on my own.

The Game

You can find a link to the game by clicking here. Please reach out to me if you experience any bugs or undesired behaviour.