Anwar Haredy

Software Engieering and Computer Science

One Line of Code a Day and Swift

The Year So Far

It has been a rough 2023 for me. I lost all of my will and motivation to study and I seriously considered dropping out of my Master's program. This change to an outsider might seem to be strange as I was doing just fine a few months ago. For me however, I am used to this. I am used to have extreme fluctuations in mood, that at their worst, cause a complete executive dysfunction. When I think about it, I think this is what actually happens:

  • I start new THING and I am very excited about new THING
  • Because THING is new, novelty factor is strong and I can, through the sheer power of excitement, push through everything and do well
  • THING becomes old and novelty wears off. My real self takes over and I return to struggling

When I list out my thoughts in this manner, I have to realize that I may not have fluctuations in mood but instead I am always like this. It's just that excitement trumps this low mood and allows me to finish some tasks for a brief period.

Anyhow, I have taken a general leave of abscence from my university for one semester. I will not bore you with medical details but these three months were valuable to me as I used them to work with healthcare professionals to figure out what to do.

One Line of Code a Day

I have a new habit I wish to form. I want to submit at least one line of code every single day. That means, every day, I must at least make one git commit to any github repository. My main motiviation for this is that I don't think someone can do this for a couple of years and not be absolutely incredible at programming. You might think that one line is a low goal to aim for, but what I've found is that once I sit down to actually write that one line it starts a chain reaction and then I write a lot more than one line. On some days however I actually do end up writing one line, so what? If anything, since my expectations that I will only write one line, I feel a lot less bad as long as I do just that at least.

For my next project I have picked an iOS app in Swift. I have never written an app before and my app development skills are below zero so I thought it is a good area to diversify my skillset. I am currently working on a notes app for my workouts since I am not too keen on using Notes or Excel to track my numbers and I do not want to use an app made by someone else.

In 12 days of coding I managed to achieve what I would normally achieve in two hours on the web. Tells you how much there is to learn for me.

Next blogpost I will show version 0.1 of the app and how it works. It will be super basic and not very pretty but it will be functional.